May The Fourth Be With You

Coaches have spent a lot of time reviewing highlights and game film this spring and as great as watching a ton of football can be, sometimes you just need a little extra fun! Crank up the music and see how many hidden and not so hidden Star Wars surprises you can find. Some are big and some are easy...some... you will need to take a much closer look to find it. Think you have the right answer? Can you name them all? Challenge your staff or your team and see who can find them the fastest. DM me @QBfor2021 for the right answers.

I do retain copyright to all my original video :-) I do not own or claim copyright to any Star Wars characters or the Star Wars Music. Music: From Star Wars original 1977 film Music: From The Mandalorian Special thanks to Coach Rix who put this idea into my dad's head and thank you to my dad for doing all the graphics.