Conditioning - Mon, Wen and Fri

Conditioning is a continuous process and commitment that is done without fail. Each Mon, Wed and Fri from January through November you will find me running hills and stairs. Yes, even after practice and yes, even before a football game if I have time.

I have been running them the past four years with Coach LeJay and Clegghorne of Men of Faith.

When I started I was slow and a bit chubby. After my first hill run I thought for sure I would never go back but I did. The next few weeks were exhausting and filled with doubt as I was always finishing at the back of the pack. But my coaches told me it would get better and I would get faster. With a bit of faith and unwavering dedication I made it to the front of the pack.

Years have gone by and I have seen many come and go from the hill. For the most part I run alone and I have come to enjoy it but I am always looking for more willing to dig in and work hard and push me to do better.