ABOUT ME - @QBfor2021 

I am a student athlete with a dream of being a college quarterback. The goal is simple.  Study, workout, condition, train, have fun and WIN.   - @QBfor2021.

With determination, consistency, work ethic and coach-ability I am on the path to playing as a quarterback at the next level.  Although I train and condition year round there is still time to have fun and do other things I enjoy: flying war birds, mountain biking, flying rc planes, airsoft, guitar, and of course some PS4 mixed in.  For the most part, you will find me outside doing something.  - QBfor2021
I love playing football but when I am no longer able to play, you will find me in the skies above in a warbird.  Nothing like a few g's to make you realize all the football training and conditioning comes in handy for combat maneuvers too.  - QBfor2021

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